Why pay more for an Eyelash Extension when you can get a cheap $35 one from Groupon?

The past 10 years I have been specializing in Eyelash Extensions, and this is a true passion for me and my colleagues. Something that has been troubling me from the start, and still really makes it hard for us to run our business is the amount of “lash techs” surrounding our salon with poor (non existent) training, offering “Eyelash Extensions” in the Gold Coast, not so uncommonly through discount services like Groupon.

Groupon Eyelash Extensions – be careful!

If you are not aware of this yet, then please know that to be listed on Groupon you are required to discount your service at least 75% and then Groupon also charges a large percentage out of the remaining price so you end up working almost for free. Who would work for $10 per hour and still perform great skilled work?
I would be very careful buying a deal for eyelash extensions on Groupon for $35-$50.
And I would also be careful going to anyone charging under $90 for a full Eyelash Extension. (A Volume Lashes Eyelash Extension should be priced between $150-$200 to make sure you receive a full quality set by a professional specialist.)

We get women coming in on a daily basis, wearing these so called “Eyelash Extensions”, often purchased on Groupon, which I would rather name something closer to “synthetic-hair-clumped-together-in-a-tonne-of-glue-to-destroy-your-own-eyelashes”, wanting an infill and completely unaware that an Eyelash Extension should not feel like this.


Gold Coast is flooded with poorly trained people who are completely destroying the reputation of Eyelash Extensions and also undercutting the value of a good service by charging next to nothing.

An eyelash extension should NOT feel heavy, it should NOT be itchy and irritating. It should NOT look like spider legs. It should feel less than when wearing mascara. You should not feel them at all.

I would like to have a set of Dragqueen lashes please. And I only want to pay $35 for it. NO WAY!

Unless you requested drag queen lashes with the length to your eyebrows, this is not what you should receive from your “lash tech”. It should be estetichally composed with a shape suiting your eyes. The length should only be a few millimeters longer than your own for it to be a safe eyelash extension that you can continue to wear for the rest of your life without causing any damage to your own eyelashes.

Please help our industry moving forward and raising the standards by educating everyone around you.

Gold Coast eyelash extensions are shocking.
These are how most eyelashes look like coming into our salon from other places in the Gold Coast.
This is NOT how they should look like, not even after a few weeks.

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