We’re moving! 

Next week it’s time for Lashia Gold Coast to move into our new shop right in the heart of Varsity CBD. We are so excited! The new address will be 1/195 Varsity pde. We open the doors the 2nd June.  Welcome in!         


Rescue my lashes

Please beware that a faulty made lash extension can, apart from being so uncomfortable, actually permanently damage your own lashes.  At the moment we offer a rescue set of lashes for only $90. We remove the faulty extensions and replace them with a nice, healthy and esthetically attractive set of lashes.  Book here: www.timecenter.com/booklashia or[…]


On a rescue mission

This girl have tried 3 different places in the Gold Coast, each of them worse than the first. Your lashes can get seriously damaged if bad extensions are continuously applied, not properly separated and glued to the skin. Please read more on this article about bad lash extensions. After removal I applied a natural set[…]