Are you paying for Volume Lashes but they were not what you expected??

We get many of ladies from other salons, some are very reputable big-name salons, where their lashes have been completely destroyed, by what we in the industry call “pre-made Volume” or “Express Volume”. Unfortunately these are advertised as Volume Lashes or 3d-4d Volume, but the fact is these pre-glued chunks of lashes stuck to your lashes is not what they should be.
Traditionally, Volume Lashes, or Russian Volume, is a skill that takes years of practice to learn to apply correctly. Handcrafted fans are made in your tweezers by super thin fibre, applied gently onto one single one of your natural lashes, fanned out beautifully. They are so light you can’t even feel you have them on your eyes.
At no point should they be touching your eyelid, the glue should not be visible and they should be styled according to your natural eye shape.
This piece of art on your eyes takes time, expect a full handmade Russian Volume set to take no shorter than 2,5 hours for an experienced technician.

If you feel any discomfort by your extensions, or simply feel they don’t suit your eyes, please ask the salon to have them removed.

At Lashia we will remove them free of charge if you book a new set with us.

Please see our example below on how a True handmade Volume lash set should look like.



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