Caring for your lashes

Caring for your lash extensions is essential to make them last longer.
Here are some tips of what to think of before and after you have your lashes extended.

Before your appointment

Make sure your lashes are make-up and oil free.
Wash your eyes one extra time before you go for your appointment and don’t apply sunscreen, moisturizers, face cleansers, foundation, eye make up or other things that can affect the retention of the glue.
Don’t wash your hair letting the shampoo/conditioner run through your lashes.
The cleaner and dryer your lashes are, the better the extensions will last.

Coming for an infill? Wash your eyes thoroughly before your appointment to get rid of oils, fats and grease that may have been caught in your lashes. Don’t worry about lashes falling out. The loose lashes will need to be removed when you come for your infills anyways and you will give me more time on applying new lashes.


You have had your first lash extensions done – yay you look so fabulous and just can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror. You want to be as careful as you can to make them last. Here is what you should think of to make the most out of your lash extensions.

How long will my lashes last?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individually applied onto your own eyelash hairs, one by one.
We use an adhesive made for eyelash extensions. This is not attached to the skin and each lash is separated thoroughly to make sure your own lash hair is able to grow naturally.

A person’s individual eyelash undergo 3 stages of growth before being replaced by a new lash.
The time of this cycle can vary anything between 30-90 days depending on age, health and genetics.
Comparing the eyelash hairs to the scalp hairs, the eyelash hair has a quite rapid growth cycle. The scalp hair has a growing stage of 2-7 years followed by approx 4 resting months before a new hair replaces it.
How long the lash extensions will last is depending on where in your lash cycle your lashes are when we apply an extension to it. When your natural lash falls out, the extension will fall out with it.
If you take the fallen extension and look closely at the base, you will see your hair attached to it.
The time of your lash cycle is very individual.

Generally after 3-4 weeks you will have anything between 20-75% of the lash extensions left,
and this is when we recommend your infills.

My lashes are falling out faster than normal, what’s going on?

Sometimes clients call us back frustrated of their extensions falling quicker than normal.
Here are some of the possible reasons for this:

  • Your lashes weren’t completely clean before applying the extensions.
    Even if we prime your lashes before applying extensions, we may not be able to get all the residue off from products used in your face. Even if not applied directly to your eyes, oily products applied in your face can travel to the eye area.
    The lashes may look clean, but oily products such as hair conditioner, moisturizer, cleansers, make-up removers, make-up and sunscreen can be hard to wash of your lashes.
  • You may have used a product on your lash extensions that made the bond of the adhesive slightly dissolve.
  • You have naturally oily lashes. The tarsal glands on the rim of your eyelid is responsible to supply meibum, an oily substance preventing evaporation of the eye’s tear film and also preventing tears from spilling onto the cheeks. Some persons have a higher production of meibum, making the eyelashes slightly oilier than others. This can be a reason for the eyelash extensions not sticking to your natural lashes.
  • Change of seasons. We shed our lashes when we go from winter to summer and summer to winter. This is a natural cause in our hair cycles and is more noticeable in some people.
  • Health, hormones and lifestyle are other factors that can affect your lashes. Please contact us if you lose your extensions faster than normal.
    We always try to accommodate or clients in the best way we can.

Allergic reactions

An allergic reaction can happen to any substance in this world.
If you suspect you are having an allergic reaction, please contact us immediately.
Here are some symptoms to look for:

  • Symptom: Red eye whites.
    Cause: Irritation to the under-eye coverings or irritation from the glue fumes.
    This is not an allergic reaction. It may feel uncomfortable for a day or two, but the lashes do not need to be removed.
    Solution: Soothing eyedrops can ease the irritation. Tell your eyelash designer so we can use other under-eye coverings and avoid your eyes to open during the procedure to minimize exposure to fumes.
  • Symptom: Redness on skin under the eyes.
    Cause: Irritation to the under-eye coverings.
    You may be allergic to the eyepatches or surgical tape used under your eyes. The lashes do not need to be removed.
    Solution: Use a soothing skin cream. Tell your eyelash designer so we can use other under-eye coverings.
  • Symptom: Itchy/swollen upper eyelids that worsens over time.
    Cause: You are possibly reacting to the adhesive. This is extremely rare and we estimate 1-2 in 200 people may develop an allergy to the eyelash adhesive.
    Solution: The extensions need to be removed. If your eyelids are very swollen we recommend to take anti-histamines to ease the swelling.
    We don’t recommend to continue having lash extensions. If you ignore the symptoms of itchy eyelids and continue getting your lashes extended, the allergy may worsen each time until you get a aggressive reaction with swollen face, glands and even develop allergies to other substances as well.

    Beware: Itchy eyelids could also be a cause of an eye infection or conditions such as Blepharitis, Dermatitis or other. In anyway, the lashes should be removed and you should consult a physician.