At Lashia we specialize in adapting the lash design so it suits every client’s eye.
This is also why we offer so many different type of lash sets, so you get exactly the type of lash extensions you are after. Natural, regular or POWER. Classic single lashes or Volume Lashes
(the new technique in lash extensions)

We created a gallery so you would see the difference in the styles.
Beware that every extension looks different on every person,
depending on your own eyeshape, some of these styles may not look the same on your own eyes.

Be a model for eyelash extension training (3h) approx 25-45 lashes per eye covered.
Do you have all the time in the world and can’t afford a set of lash extensions?
Be a model at one of Lashia’s courses. Lashia Master trainer Mimmi Ebbersten is there to supervise the students and also help filling if needed for an even and natural result.
Be a model for eyelash extension training here.